Understanding Baptism

Bible Text: Rom 6:4 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | In this message Stuart Wheatman gives an overview of what baptism is, including how to become a Christian and a prayer you can pray to become a Christian.

The Nature of Worship

Bible Text: Rom 12 | Preacher: Dave Tucker In this sermon David Tucker speaks from Romans chapter 12 on the subject of the nature of true worship

Our Adoption

Bible Text: Rom 8:15-17 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman In this sermon Stuart Wheatman looks at what it means to be adopted by God our Father

The Importance of the Resurrection of Christ

Bible Text: Rom 1:4 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman In this sermon, Stuart Wheatman looks at the importance of the resurrection of Jesus, as outlined in the book of Romans. The audio is very poor quality on this recording so the notes have been included.

License to Kill

Bible Text: Rom 6:14 | Preacher: Phil Gibson | Series: Holiness How do we defeat sin in our lives? In this sermon Phil gives us a Biblical perspective on overcoming sin and shows us how to apply the victory of Jesus over sin to our everyday lives.

Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Bible Text: Rom 1:13-16 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman What is the Gospel? Why is it so important? Are we sharing it with others? In this sermon Stuart Wheatman looks at Paul’s statement in Romans that he was not ashamed of the Gospel and what this means to us...

The Family of God

Bible Text: Rom 5:6-8 | Preacher: Rhys Roberts In this sermon Rhys Roberts shares his testimony about how he came to know the Lord, as well as the importance of family and the Church as the family of God.

Now I Know

Bible Text: Gen 22:14 | Preacher: Phil Gibson Phil Gibson looks at the story of Abraham and the offering of Isaac and how God demonstrates His love and commitment to us through the fulfillment of this prophetic picture in the sacrifice of Christ on our...


Bible Text: Judges 3:12-30 | Preacher: Phil Gibson In this message Phil Gibson shares about the principles of putting sin to death in our lives from the illustration of the story of Ehud dealing with Eglon and setting the Israelites free from his yoke of...


Bible Text: Romans 10:17 | Preacher: Dave Tucker In this message Dave Tucker looks at the subject of faith- what it is, and what it isn’t.