Fulfilled Predictions

One of the remarkable things about Jesus is the amount of predictions about His life that He fulfilled. These predictions came in the form of prophecies, messages given from God to people. In the first part of the Bible, the Old Testament, many prophets (a person who receives prophecies from God) spoke about a coming King who would save us from our sins. It is estimated that there are over 300 prophecies which speak about this coming King, and each one was remarkably fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ.


These predictions include:

  • Where and when He would be born
  • Where He would live
  • Details of His incredible miracles and message
  • How He would die as a substitute for us
  • How He would be raised from the dead.


These prophecies were written down hundreds of years before they were fulfilled by Jesus. Some of the prophecies even mention the exact words and actions that would be fulfilled by those who opposed Jesus. Ancient texts such as the dead sea scrolls and the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament prove beyond doubt that these predictions were written down before the time of Jesus. Below are some links to websites which illustrate some of these prophecies:


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