If you want to grow as a Christian here are some healthy habits that will help you:


Attend a Church.

It is far easier to grow as a Christian when you regularly meet with others who love the Lord. Remember, God hasn’t saved you to be on your own, but to be part of His family- the Church. Other Christians need you, and you need them. We would love to welcome you at our church, why not come along one Sunday morning? Make sure whichever Church you attend believes the basic Christian beliefs.


Read the Bible.

Make sure you have a modern version which is easy to understand. For new believers we would recommend the New Living Translation (NLT), or the New International Version (NIV). Perhaps you could begin reading your Bible with a book called Mark- it is a short account of what Jesus did. You might like to read a chapter a day. Pray beforehand that God will speak to you as you read the Bible, and expect Him to do so.


Pray and listen to God.

Prayer is talking to God. Be yourself when you pray- God knows you completely and He loves you. Expect God to speak to you also, and give Him the time to do so. God speaks in many ways- sometimes He just gives a ‘sense’ of what He is saying, or a feeling.  Other times He may give us a picture in our mind’s eye which has a meaning to it. He will often speak to us through the Bible, either when we read it, or when it is taught to us.


Learn to Worship Jesus.

Because Jesus is God, He is worthy of our worship. Develop a heart of thankfulness to Him. Frequently express your love to God in song or just in words of thanks.


Keep short  Accounts with God.

Remember that God will help you not to commit sins, but if you do sin it does not mean that you have become ‘unsaved’. However, it is important to come straight back to the place of admitting your sin to Him and asking for His forgiveness. Decide to keep away from areas that you know will provoke temptation for you.


Share Your Faith

Never be ashamed of Jesus, or hide the fact that you have become a Christian. Rather, tell others the good news of what Jesus has done.