We meet 11am-12pm on Sunday mornings at:


Brynmawr Tabor Centre (Tabor Baptist Chapel)



We start our service with a couple of songs of worship. We then have a message from the Bible, and Sunday School for the children. We finish with a final song of worship followed by refreshments.


What to wear

 We are very informal as a Church. Whereas some Churches would encourage people to dress up to come to Church we would just encourage you to come as you are. Jeans are good!



We have musicians leading worship using modern instruments and also the words for the songs are projected onto a screen.


What is communion?

About once a month in our morning service we remember what Jesus has done for us when He died on the cross. We do this by eating bread (we use a wafer) and wine (we use red grape juice). These are symbols which remind us of the importance of what Jesus has done for us. For all of those who would like to join in with this (you are free to just watch if you would rather not), we give out individual pre-sealed communion packs, containing a wafer and some alcohol free grape juice. 



We do not have a formal collection, but there is an offering box should people wish to give in support of the work of the Church. We would not expect visitors to give anything- we just want you to be blessed by your time with us.