The Body of Christ

Bible Text: 1Cor 12:4-27 | Preacher: Trisha Poynter In this sermon Trisha Poynter looks at Paul’s teaching on the body of Christ and looks at the importance of every member of the body, how we fit together and have a unique and essential part to play. (Sorry, no...

The Practise of Spiritual Gifts

Bible Text: 1Cor 14 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman In this sermon Stuart Wheatman continues looking at the areas of unity and diversity in the Church by looking at the teaching on the use of spiritual gifts in 1Corinthians

The Body of Christ

Bible Text: 1Cor 12:12-31 | Preacher: Martin Bull In this message Martin Bull looks at the Church as the Body of Christ, and how each part of that body has a unique importance to the body as a whole in its mission and in its growth.

1Corinthians 10

Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 10 | Preacher: Andy Gibbs In this sermon Andy Gibbs looks at the message of 1Corinthians 10 which encourages us to fight temptation, deal with idols in our lives and show true love for one another.


Bible Text: Acts 2 | Preacher: Martin Bull In this sermon Martin Bull (leader of The Well Church, Loughborough) gives an overview of the gift of prophecy and encourages us to move forwards in this area.

Principles in Worship

Bible Text: Col 3:15-17; 1Cor 14:26 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | Series: Worship Do we want to see our worship move to another level when we assemble together as Church? In this session two key aspects of worship are investigated- the need for thankfulness and the...