Why We Pray

Bible Text: Matt 6:9-15 | Preacher: Gordon Baxter In this sermon Gordon Baxter looks at the question ‘Why do we pray?’ Gordon focuses on the main reasons why we should pray and brings a biblical and practical emphasis on the benefits of...

Prison Praise

Bible Text: Acts 16:16-34 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman Looking at the account of Paul and Silas in Prison, in this message Stuart Wheatman looks at the amazing things which can happen when God’s people pray and bring praise their wonderful God.

Prayer Motivation

Bible Text: Isaiah 62:1-5 | Preacher: Phil Gibson | Series: Prayer In this message Phil Gibson looks at our motivation for prayer. In it he explores the fact that our view of God has a dynamic effect on our motivation for prayer. This message is a great encouragement...

Why Couldn’t We?

Bible Text: Mark 9:14-30 | Preacher: Phil Gibson What is holding you back in your spiritual life? Phil Gibson looks at the incident where Jesus’ disciples fail to cast out a demon and the lessons they learned regarding the importance of a life of prayer. In this...

Motivation for Prayer

Bible Text: Matt 6:5-6 | Preacher: Andrew Davies Is Prayer a chore for you? Does your private prayer match your public prayer? In this sermon Andrew Davies looks in a frank and honest way at the subject of prayer in the light of the teaching of Jesus and gives us a...

The Invitation

Bible Text: Song of Songs 2:14 | Preacher: Phil Gibson In this sermon Phil Gibson brings out the blessings of the clear invitation God gives to each one of us to draw close to Him. This invitation is looked at from a number of passages in the Bible and the reasons why...

Jesus on Prayer

Bible Text: Matt 6:5-9 | Preacher: Phil Gibson | Series: Prayer What are some of the main principles we need to bear in mind when coming to pray? In this sermon Phil Gibson looks at the key principles as highlighted by Jesus.

Your Kingdom Come

Bible Text: Matthew 6:10 | Preacher: Dave Tucker What is the Kingdom of God and what does it mean to pray ‘Your Kingdom Come’? In this sermon Dave Tucker highlights the importance of Christ’s Kingdom and entering into it.

The Persistent Widow

Bible Text: Luke 18:1-8 | Preacher: Phil Gibson | Series: Prayer Here Phil Gibson looks at the story of the persistent widow and what it teaches us about the importance of persevering in prayer.