Overcoming the Accuser

Bible Text: Zech 3:1-5 | Preacher: Phil Gibson Ever feel condemned when you come to worship God? This was exactly how Joshua the High Priest felt when coming before God, however God had a solution. In this sermon Phil Gibson shares with us some principles about how to...

Wrestling and Reconciliation

Bible Text: Gen 32:1-33:20 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | Series: Jacob In the continuation of Jacob’s life we look at his wrestling encounter, change of name and reconciliation with his brother Esau.

Jacob’s Family

Bible Text: Gen 29:1-Gen 30:24 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | Series: Jacob In this sermon Stuart Wheatman continues looking at the story of Jacob and notes how many of the issues he faced growing up became duplicated when he had a family of his own. Ultimately the...

Who Do You Think You Are?

Bible Text: Matthew 16:13-19 | Preacher: Phil Gibson In this message Phil Gibson asks the key question- who do we think Jesus is? From this he shows that our answer is key to also unlocking our own identities.


Bible Text: Gen 27:15-22 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman Do you struggle with your identity? In this message Stuart Wheatman unpacks the lives of three people in the Bible and reveals how they found their true identity in God and how we can do the same today.