Set Your Mind On Things Above

Bible Text: Col 3:1-17 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | In this sermon Stuart Wheatman discusses from Colssians chapters 2 and 3 the importance of trusting in God’s word, and how we are to put Biblical truth into action in our daily lives.

Being in Two Places at Once

Bible Text: Col 1:9-14 | Preacher: Phil Gibson In this message, Phil Gibson highlights the importance of living our lives from God’s perspective rather than from an earthy perspective.

Principles in Worship

Bible Text: Col 3:15-17; 1Cor 14:26 | Preacher: Stuart Wheatman | Series: Worship Do we want to see our worship move to another level when we assemble together as Church? In this session two key aspects of worship are investigated- the need for thankfulness and the...