Real Life Stories

These stories were been given by people who attend the church. There are many more!

Stuart’s Story… Freedom from the Fear of Death!

findGod2As a child I was fearful of death. In my teenage years I searched for meaning in life and become fascinated with the occult. I often read Tarot cards and tried to contact the dead, and began to practise witchcraft. Despite my faith in the supernatural I felt empty and bound and full of fear and insecurity. I began to read the Bible, and thought about the peace, joy and freedom that born-again Christians had and I prayed for God to show me how to become one. Within a few days God led me to a Christian who explained why Jesus died on the cross and how I could become a Christian. This person also showed me the warnings God put in the Bible against occult practises. I asked Jesus to forgive me and come into my life. From that day I have known God’s presence, His joy and peace, and He has completely turned my life around. God has taken away my fear of death and replaced it with an assurance of eternal life!

Fraser’s Story… Finding a Father

Things started well as a child for me, I felt loved and a sense of belonging at home. In my teenage years, however, various woundings from my dad caused me to harden and walk away. I went off to the ‘big city’ and filled myself with lust of every kind, also getting involved in New Age religion. In time, my mind went and I became effectively insane. All sense of rest left me, and I felt no more hope or love. I tried to end my life, and after many attempts found myself at a crossroads where God asked me if I truly wanted to die. I didn’t and He then marvellously helped me through a lengthy process and restored my life and sanity.
God became my Father, and gave me the love I’d always longed for, I have returned to my ‘father’s house’ again and have joy and rest, for ‘once I was lost and now I am found’, I am truly HOME.