Our Leaders


Stuart and Sarah

Our full-time pastor is Stuart Wheatman. He is married to Sarah and they have three children. Before moving to Brynmawr to plant the church, Stuart worked full time for Abergavenny Family Church and served as an elder. He was previously a qualified psychiatric nurse working in Pen-y-Fal hospital in Abergavenny and the surrounding areas. Alongside experience working in the local Church, Stuart completed a 2-year theology course entitled ‘Equipped for Ministry’ with New Frontiers International. Sarah trained as a general nurse in St. Bartholomew’s in London before moving to Wales where she worked in Nevill Hall Hospital. She assisted Stuart with youth work in Abergavenny Family Church as well as completing counselling training in the area of pregnancy crisis. She now assists Stuart with the work in the Church and bringing up the children.


Dave and Brenda

Dave and Brenda Tucker are both locals to Brynmawr and have been strong in their faith for many years.  David brings a deep understanding of biblical truths and Brenda leads with a servant heart for those she meets.