In this sermon Martin Bull (leader of The Well Church, Loughborough) gives an overview of the gift of prophecy and encourages us to move forwards in this area.

Able but willing

We might believe that God is able to heal or to bring a breakthrough in our lives but is He willing? In this message Phil Gibson explores the goodness of…


Jesus' Great Commission to His Church is to 'Make Disciples'. But what is a 'disciple'? In this message Stuart Wheatman looks at what a disciple was like in the first…

The Penitent Woman

Would you like to have Jesus come to your house for food? In this Sermon Stuart Wheatman looks at the time when Jesus was invited back for dinner at Simon…

The End Times

What are the end times? What things should we expect to happen? Can we predict when Jesus will return? All of these questions are the theme of this sermon by…