What is the meaning of baptism? Why be baptised? What does it do? How long do you have to wait to be baptised? What is the correct way to be…

Our Vision

In this sermon Stuart Wheatman outlines the vision of Valleys Family Church, looking particularly at the Great Commission to 'make disciples'. Other areas covered are the importance of the local…

Jesus on Prayer

What are some of the main principles we need to bear in mind when coming to pray? In this sermon Phil Gibson looks at the key principles as highlighted by…


What is it that makes us fall when we are tempted? In this sermon Phil Gibson analyses temptation and gives us a helpful strategy to beat it.


Do you struggle with your identity? In this message Stuart Wheatman unpacks the lives of three people in the Bible and reveals how they found their true identity in God…

Resisting the Devil

In today's message Dave Tucker highlights the spiritual warfare that each believer faces. He looks into the origin of the Devil and ways we can take our stand against his…

Faith for Provision

How much faith would we have had if Jesus had asked us to feed the five thousand? Andrew Davies takes us back to the occasion in John's gospel where Philip…