In this sermon Stuart Wheatman gives some principles from Jesus healing the Centurion's servant which can help us see increasing effectiveness in the area of healing.


In this sermon Gordon Baxter uses Psalm 23 and other Bible passages to look at the ways in which God brings restoration into our lives, highlighting three particular areas in which…

Simon Peter

In this sermon Dafydd Robbins looks at how Simon Peter's life was turned around by Jesus and how Jesus used him despite his faults. Dafydd highlights Peter's passion for Christ…
In this overview Stuart Wheatman looks at the area of alternative and complimentary therapies as well as conventional medicine and gives some suggested Biblical guidelines for Christians.


In this message Phil Gibson shares about the principles of putting sin to death in our lives from the illustration of the story of Ehud dealing with Eglon and setting…

The narrow way

In this message Dave Tucker shows the scriptural background to Hell as a reality and discusses the narrow path Jesus calls us to walk on.


In this message Stuart Wheatman looks at the inspiring life of Stephen and notes some key qualities we can apply to our lives today to see spiritual breakthroughs.

1Corinthians 10

In this sermon Andy Gibbs looks at the message of 1Corinthians 10 which encourages us to fight temptation, deal with idols in our lives and show true love for one another.

Psalm 56

In this Psalm taken fresh from an incident in the life of David Phil Gibson analyses the context of what is happening to David and also the strategies he uses…